VPS or dedicated to the website for peptides, and where to host

I have a client who is developing a website about peptides.
In short, the peptides are injectable in the parapharmaceutical world, some call it clandestine laboratories, but in general they are products that are not officially approved.
I am referring to the peptides that your biotechnology company creates; Of course, there are perfectly legal peptide substances as far as I know from well-known companies.

It will NOT be an e-commerce website, just a sample of your products.

Although it is not illegal in itself, I personally find it as a suspect and I would not like to host this website on my primary servers.
So I suggested that we do this on a VPS, or a dedicated server. It is based in the EU, but I suppose that hosting the server in a data center outside the EU would be safer, what do you think?

It may just be worrying me for no reason, but I would not want to risk any server being suspended for whatever reason.

Your experience is highly recommended, thank you!

EDIT: Here is an article from a legal perspective on peptides: