vpn – What is the risk of international travel?

I have seen patterns that suggest that traveling abroad is particularly risky when it comes to protecting your intellectual property. I am confused about what specifically are the factors that increase the risk compared to staying at home.
How well does the list below describe the problems of international travel?

Technical risk factors:

  1. A laptop manipulated when going through TSA?
  2. evil maid attack in hotels
  3. be forced to enter encryption keys at the border
  4. identity theft attacks / intermediate / bad connections

Risk factors societal / structural / human:

  1. More motivated attackers according to the countries visited.

What am I missing?

It seems that he could deal with 2. always staying with his laptop (except in TSA) and 4. using a VPN. And although you can not prevent 3. surely you would know that you have left the key. As for 1., is that a concern? (I ask because it's the only time you have to leave your laptop out of sight).

I await comments on whether the previous thought is solid and on what is missing from the list.

As for 5. there are one or two countries that are mentioned normally, but how about elsewhere? And specifically for Western Europe, is there any difference in risk between individual countries? I have seen the comments of a former US official. UU They point out that the countries in particular of Western Europe represent a higher risk, but is it just an exaggeration or is there an appreciable difference to be aware of?