vpn: Does the load balancing in multiple WAN connections improve anonymity?

I would like to understand the advantages and disadvantages of outbound load balancing connections for anonymity.

Scenario 1: My router (ip A)> VPN router (ip B)> VPN router (ip C)> web host

Scenario 2: My router (ip A)> 3 VPN client connections with balanced load (ips B C D)> 3 separate connections coming out of the VPN routers (ips E F G)> web host

Continuing my curiosity I'm sorry,
What would happen if senario 2 were 3 connections to the same VPN server but the outgoing VPNs or source IPs for the web host were obviously different?

One of the problems that I identified was that in Senario 2, it has a bigger connection footprint / pattern, which is a problem: visit dark sites in front of very popular sites.

This assumes that the user agrees with latency and authentication or SSL issues, etc.