vmware workstation – Enabling NUMA node in VM player custom Linux guest OS

I am trying to run DPDK helloworld example in a custom Linux distribution. I have installed custom Linux in a VMware player. The program is failed due to the fact the NUMA node is not supported.
When I try to execute grep NUMA /boot/config-uname -a`, I don’t get any results.

On the other hand, I tried the same activity in Ubuntu VM in VMware player. There DPDK helloworld didn’t fail. When I try to execute grep NUMA /boot/config-uname -a` , I got details about NUMA configuration.

The other day, VMplayer provided different default NIC cards for Ubuntu and custom Linux. Hence i changed entries in vmx file.

I am just wondering whether different results are due to any setting parameters in custom linux or vmx file settings in the virtual machine.

Would appreicate your help on this to understand the cause of the issue.