Visas – Photo of more than 6 months uploaded in DS-160.

Does anyone know if this can cause a denial of Visa?

In the past, I have used seven or more years of visa applications (including US visas) because I did not bother taking new ones.

Once the software accepts your image, you are quite covered. You can bring a more recent representative photo if that makes you feel more comfortable, however, I have never heard the case of someone who has been denied a US visa. UU why of a photo.

I have not seen anything in the Foreign Affairs Manual that says to reject / reject a visa application because of a photo.

Attach photograph to nonimmigrant visa applications: the applicant
will electronically upload an image file on Form DS-160 or
have your photo taken at the time the applicant submits to
Biometric collection in an Applicant Service Center. In some cases,
applicants who have not been able to upload a photo may have to
send a physical photo to the consular section