virtualbox – minikube does not start

I am trying to implement kubernetes locally on my laptop on top of virtualbox, kubectl and minikube. However, when I run & # 39; kubectl version & # 39; I receive the following message that is probably due to an incorrect configuration of my part:
kubectl version
Client version: version.Info {
Greater: "1",
Minor: "12",
GitVersion: "v1.12.2",
GitCommit: "17c77c7898218073f14c8d573582e8d2313dc740",
GitTreeState: "clean",
Creation date: "2018-10-24T06: 54: 59Z",
GoVersion: "go1.10.4",
Compiler: "gc", Platform: "linux / amd64"
The connection to the server localhost: 8080 was rejected. Did you specify the correct host or port?

Any help would be welcome. Thank you for reading