views: shows the content that is tagged for the current node and the source of translation

I am using Drupal 7, i18n, Views3, translate_entityreference and Entity Translation.

I have one type of content: Training resource, and each Training Resource is a member of another type of content that is connected connected by entity reference (field_translation_ref) to the content type Application.

If I add English training resources and choose the Paratext application, the original content is tagged in node 174. If I add a training resource in French and choose the Paratext application, it connects to node 399985, the nid of the French translation of the Paratext content.

The following view allows me to see all the training resources tagged in Paratext (174).

See configuration


I know that the relation "Translation of content: translation of origin" is supposed to give me access to the source node, and that the translation of "Content: Entity: translation" has the potential to allow access to the translated node, but I can not understand it How to configure the view to use these values.

What I want:

Now I would like a view that I added dynamically and show the tagged resources for both Paratext (714) [The Translation Source] and Paratext (399985) [the translated node].

On the English application page:
Show all the training resources with reference of the entity to the current NID and also those connected to the translation of the entity of this page in French.

On the French page:
Show all training resources with entity reference to the current NID, and also those related to the translation of origin.

If possible, I would prefer to use the interface and / or some existing modules to do this.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
~ Matthew