views: rewriting results output creates 2 links for a custom text field rewritten one by one

I am using replacement patterns to rewrite the results of my content title field with the manufacturer's name in front of the title. I am using the following custom text to achieve this:

{{ field_tool_manufacturer }}
{{ title }}

Then I am generating this field as a custom link, with the path Node/{{ nid }}

The problem is that I realize that the only title field rewritten with the manufacturer added to the front is issued as 2 separate links, instead of one. One link for the manufacturer and one for the title. This, of course, is not optimal for UX since it communicates 2 separate links when the mouse passes, etc.

The results are the same without the line break, and the manufacturer's field is excluded from the display and is not published as a link itself. I did this with very few problems in Drupal 7, and I wonder if this is a mistake or if there is a structural change that is causing the 2 links. Any help would be appreciated, and let me know if I omitted any useful information.

Thank you!