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The last payment I received from vidup was on December 3 last year. My current payment has been pending since December 9, so it is now 3 months. Has anyone been paid from that moment? I know that they have released payments for thevideo after a long wait, but it is difficult to get information from the administrators regarding vidup. 3 months seems like a long wait for a host who is destined to pay much more regularly.

Interested in knowing if someone else has had payments since that date? By the way, I'm in Bitcoin, and I know that due to recent events, payza seems to be the most likely way to get paid, I just do not like to pay the fees haha.

Any help would be appreciated, maybe a Skype address or anything where someone has had an answer. Live chat in thevideo generally takes 2 weeks to get any response, and even then it's generic.

Thanks friends!