video editor – How to edit mkv with subtitles (and keep the subs)

I have an mkv file which has (soft) subtitles in it. The video is about 30 minutes long but I want to trim it down to just 6 minutes (say, from 19:00 to 25:00). However, I want to keep the soft subtitles.

I tried using Record in VLC but even with the subs showing, they were not captured in the output.

Then I tried Avidemux but, again, the output is missing subs.

I thought this answer might help (using mkvextract) but the extracted subs were the entire subs and now I’m not sure how to edit it down and re-add them and sync them to the trimmed video file.

I might be naive here but I would think there would be an option to trim the video keeping the soft subs.

My first preference is to do just this: Cut the video down while keeping the soft subs.

Converting the subs to hard subs is an option but less than ideal because the subs will overlap some important information on screen.