Veracrypt issue – have I been hacked?

I had two copies of a Veracrypt encrypted drive, and from them, I made two additional copies of the drive, which was a few days ago. the two copies had the exact same SHA hashes of the original two copies when they were created, the data should be the same and with no data loss.

Both copies worked and mounted perfectly the day that I made them, but now both of them say that the password is wrong when I try to mount, and when I use the backup header instead, it mounts but doesn’t let me access the drive, it says “You need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it” (Windows). it’s the exact same thing for both copies (which were made from two different original copies and confirmed to have the same SHA hashes of the originals when copied).

It doesn’t make sense how it worked when they were copied, the SHA hashes being the same, and both of them don’t work in the exact same way.

I do not want to use the two original copies again because if I have been hacked and someone is trying to damage my files/copies, then if they hadn’t already been damaged when copied (which I can’t know without using them), they would if I use them again.

Does anyone have an idea what reason could there be for this, and if a hack is involved, what would it be (and how do I protect myself from it if the originals haven’t already been damaged)?