Venta – | Affiliate Hosting Review / Site Content

Why are you selling this site?

We need money to invest in Real Estate.

How is it monetized?

The website is a website based on Italian content with unique content organized by SILO and unique design classification and trying to classify for several Italian cpc keywords like "best hosting prestashop" "best wordpress hosting" "best dedicated servers" "best hosting joomla" "best magento hosting" in Italian.
The site is monetized mainly with hosting affiliate programs, generates almost all the revenues with the Siteground Affiliate program and its ranking grows day after day.
It also generates a bit of your income with the Namecheap affiliate program (domain sales).
It has a great potential to earn more than 2k per month with few SEO efforts (I do not have time for that).
The website started receiving high links from DA, PA in recent months, so I am excepting an even larger increase in the coming weeks.
Pm to have a small talk.

Does this site come with any social media account?

Yes, a facebook, linkedin and pinterest account.

How long does this site take to work?

1 hour per week just to check classifications and sales.

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?

Any. Only the normal SEO challenges that I do not have time to do correctly.