User research – Customer travel map: How to test with customers?

Personally, I would not use the Travel Map itself to validate with customers. He would use research methods to understand his clients and use them to validate his Travel Map.

Questions like: "Repeat me the last time you did X. How did you do it? What started it? What was your intended goal? What steps did it take? What worked well? What was a problem for you?" These types of exploratory research questions get the data you need to validate your Travel Map in terms of stages, needs and problems.

Also, to that I would add observation. Observe what your customers really do.

Ultimately, a customer's Travel Map should be an artifact that represents what you know about your customers, which you obtain through research.

There is nothing wrong or wrong in starting with a provisional Map as you did. I do not dare to use it nor its preconceived map to validate, since it can bias or lead customers. The open questions of the interview will discover your needs that you can then compare with your Map.