User expectation: What is displayed instead of the "pay" button while the payment is in progress?

In our request, an "order" (subscription to an event) can be modified (partially) after it has been paid. For this reason, orders are not removed from the visual indication during or after payment.

The normal behavior is that once you click on the "pay" button, certain fields are "locked" while others can be modified. The user is also forwarded to the payment provider and is expected to complete the details there. (The payment provider will return to the summary page left by the user).

When the payment provider reports that the payment is "paid," this status prevails (and the order is considered paid). The payment button is shown with a "check mark".

If the provider reports that the payment is "canceled" or "expired," the blocking status will be removed and the payment button will be displayed once more.

However, this leaves a particular point: what happens if the user leaves the payment provider's page (closing button) and manually returns to the general information page. In this case, the "pay" button is replaced by a spinner. However, the payment status of the order is "open", that is, a payment is in progress. And the payment provider will not provide a "due" until the payment link has expired, which is several weeks.

From the point of view of the user experience, what should I show while the payment is in progress and the user reopens his orders? I could turn the rotating wheel into a button that reopens the link, but a user would never expect to click on a rotating wheel, right?

Small view of the button (locations) here