Use articles from my own WordPress site to stimulate a parasite. How would you do this?

Maybe one of you (or even ladies) has an idea:
I would like to use GSA SER to stimulate parasites (with Web2.0s, social bookmarking and social profiles, mainly).
Parasites get their content from a WordPress site that automatically posts many articles a day (a news site).
Now I would like to use those articles in GSA SER, so that the list of articles extends regularly (or even better is replaced) by new articles of WP.

But if I do not forget something, that list of articles is static, right? I mean it does not change by itself, right?

Additional question: I use KontentMachine + SER Powerhouse to update articles for other projects, so I know there are some tools, but how can I get WordPress articles in KontentMachine?

Thanks for any idea ..,.