= scam

In turn, below is a copy of the immediate responses that I sent to Esther at USAMail1. It seems that the public publication of the problem prompted USAMail1 to finally respond to my efforts to contact them so that this situation could result in the payment of the account.

Yes, my emails are longer than some prefer. However, I try to respond to what is actually written in the email to which I am responding and to cover all the points in question. In my opinion, it should not take more than a minute or two to read these supposedly long emails.

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After my problem became public, finally answered part of my information requests, so I immediately made a new payment.

New payment started
Wednesday, August 27, 2008 3:01 AM
From: "Vanessa Corey"

I will risk more here and start a second bill payment online from my bank for an amount of 100 US dollars.

As I pointed out in my email on 8/20, the bank explained to me that they mistakenly sent the first payment to my personal email address # 3347 because my address and payment address are very similar. Therefore, the payment is in my box, but it is not addressed to me, it is addressed to

I have very little money left to live on. What's worse, the time of my legal visa here in Belgium and in the European Union will end in a few days. After that, I'll be here illegally if I can not get the means to get out of here. However, I have been sitting here for a week, waiting for an answer to my questions about whether or not I needed to send a payment again and whether the package was sent to Belgium or not. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is for me not to have any instruction or information from you during a week when I am running out of time? It takes almost a week for a payment to be made. If you had answered my email a week ago, the new payment would have arrived. Now I have to start again with today's process and wait 4 business days plus the weekend for you to receive the payment, and then I have to wait another 1-3 business days for the package to reach me here in Belgium.

Does it make sense to try to call a person who has told you that he is stranded in a foreign country (on a long trip) without a phone And the only way to contact them is by email? As he did not respond to my emails, I tried to contact him a couple of times through the SKYPE Internet phone program, but I have to pay money (meter) to get to that Internet store and then pay money to use that computer, and his Working hours in the states are from afternoon to evening here in Europe. I went out of my way day after day to contact you without answering you.

You could have answered my email a week ago … or any of the emails I sent.

You've waited a week I can not understand that.

Vanessa Corey

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Copy of the type of information request that I have been sending to

From: Vanessa Corey
Sent: Monday, August 25, 2008 4:27 AM
Subject: More instructions on payment?

On Wednesday 8/20 I sent an email about the failed payment of the online bill from my bank. My bank explained that since the two addresses were so similar, the bank thought it was an error and sent the payment directly to my personal email address at USAMail1. In that email, I requested more instructions: do I need to start all over again and organize a new payment or USAMail1 could take the wrongly directed payment from my mail? I did not receive any response to that email or my question.

Meanwhile, the site finally allowed me, one, to log in and, two, to consolidate my mail and request shipment (1-3 days of delivery). The consolidated item no longer appears in my mailbox, so I HOPE that means it was sent, but I'm not sure about that because the account does not take that action into account and the payment problem is still an active problem.

If you need me to do more to resolve this account, let me know as soon as possible, because in my current difficult situation, each required action may require much more time and effort than I would normally do.
Thank you,

Vanessa Corey

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In response to the email of published in the forum


Nothing has to be so difficult.

On August 20, I sent him the explanation / information that the bank sent me regarding my query about the missing payment. In that email I asked if it was possible to remove it from my mailbox, and if not, give me additional instructions. Should I start a new payment online or not?

Has anyone at responded to that email and those specific questions or not? Since then, I've written several emails and tried to phone through the computer's Skype program and get only voicemail during business hours. I never received any response from until August 27. Interestingly, I finally received an answer after I proceeded to publicize the problem through various sites and consumer offices. As for trying to phone me, I was previously informed that I was on an extensive trip around the world; that my travel phone had been stolen; and that email was the means by which he contacted me. I think I made a phone call to several months ago, before my trip, but all other communications with have been by email. After all that time and several e-mail exchanges about this problem and the information I conveyed about my current situation, why would try to phone me? That makes very little sense to me. It makes little sense to anyone else who has asked.

Did respond by email to my questions raised on August 20 or not? I'm not sure if you want to say that did send an answer to those questions via email. In any case, so far I have not received any response by email to my questions. Therefore, I sat here for another expensive week as time ran out, waiting for a shipment that never arrived because I never received any response from regarding further payment instructions or the mystery of the disappearance of the items Consolidated from my box after shipment. It was requested. Can you understand how the lack of response by email can be a problem and cause anger and frustration with

Of course I am angry. In my opinion, has not fulfilled my expectations of a reliable and competent business.

Yes, I have changed the payment methods. PayPal paid a customer a refund on my behalf … a customer who never returned the expensive goods in question. The client waited for months until he knew that he would be out of touch and that he would not check that email address, then he requested reimbursement and it was quickly granted without receiving an answer from me. Neither is it possible to leave negative comments about buyers on Ebay, while PayPal does not have a comment feature. Therefore, both entities have policies and procedures that can contribute to buyer scams. Paypal has since recognized that the problem may exist, but that they can only follow the company's policy.

I provided the credit card information on August 2. I was not informed that it would take a week or more to process my payment or that I would not have access to my mail until that time. Then I received an update on August 5, informing me that my account had been changed to a credit card account. Due to the lack of Internet access time and the lack of clear communication from, I had no idea that my account was not yet paid and that I would not have access to my mail. It was only after the theft and subsequent blocking of my credit cards on August 8, that sent me an email to inform me that the credit card could not be used and, therefore, the account was still unpaid and I would not have access to my mail.

If had informed me that my email account could not yet be used during that period of time, I would not have given that particular address when dealing with the consequences of my theft. Also, it surprises me and everyone else I talked to about this, that it would take a week or more to process and load my credit card.

Maybe you're used to those kinds of business operations that you prefer to frequent. I am not and the general consensus around me is that many others would also be surprised and angry. But expectations and opinions can certainly differ. Personally, although I do not believe that people should suffer abuse for the good of the business, sometimes the anger and frustration of the client are understandable. I can not accept that your business has worked reliably and competently.

Apart from my mail problem, there is the fact that I have a strong desire to make sure that receives its payment. I tend to keep all my accounts paid at a zero balance and paid on time. I am an honest and meticulous person in that sense. Now there are 2 online bill payments that I have started for, for a total of 150 US dollars. If we can not find these payments, I am not sure what to do because currently my resources are extremely limited.

Vanessa Corey

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And from today, I received an email from that says they understand that they will not be paid ( will be paid if I have to die doing it), and propose that if I eliminate all negative feelings (the exact message). phrase used) from each page of the Internet, they will send me my mail without any type of payment.

If really stopped the end of the deal, it would certainly be a solution to my desperate problem. But it would be dishonest and unethical. As desperate as I am, I can not accept such a deal. On the other hand, if would specifically and correctly challenge any of the public comments I have made, of course I will acknowledge, apologize and suffer the consequences of any error I may have committed.

This is a very complicated situation that could have been avoided to a large extent if had demonstrated the habit of providing pertinent information in a timely and reliable manner.