usability – Weekly report UI form

I am working on a report function that requires the ability to allow the user to set a frequency for sending reports. In this case I am working on the weekly frequency.

We are currently looking at the option of check boxes to represent each day, which allows the user to select so many days during the week.

I have also had the pattern used in the email reports presented and I have some questions that stem from it.

In the first screenshot there is a segmented control for every day of the week. Monday is selected by default.

enter the description of the image here

In the second screenshot, I selected two days for the report to run

enter the description of the image here

In the third screenshot, I have deselected Monday and Friday for the reports and I have tried to schedule the report for two separate days. As the third screenshot shows, I was not successful.

enter the description of the image here

The developers of the team have expressed comments that the user might not see a segmented control as a multiple choice and I tend to agree.

Now for the questions:

  1. Is this an error? I can select two days of report if it is left on the default Monday. If it's a function, why do I always have Monday selected?

  2. I have not used a segmented control in this way before. Honestly I can not say that I have seen it used in this way very often. The check boxes would simplify the problem, but this was the alternative solution that was presented to me.