usability: shows the security responses with hashing in the interface

My web application requires users to provide secret questions and answers. Users can not choose a question from the predefined ones, but they have to write their own questions and (of course) the answers.

For security reasons, the answers before saving them in the database. => this is when my problem occurs. I want to show the information (questions and answers) to the users in their profile pages, but, since the answers are written with a hash, I can never show them in plain text.

So, the question is: how would you solve this for clarity and good usability?

My current focus is to show the questions and answers in an entry field. If a user has already answered one of the questions, the response entry is disabled and turns gray. The response entry does not contain text. (since it would only contain the "gibberish" hash string) => A user must first make a change in the related question, before being able to edit the response entry.

UX problem secret answers

But I'm not sure, if this is a good usability design and not ambiguous?