usability – Making the user's complex interaction more intuitive

I have created a "push" functionality for a social networking web application that I maintain. I need help to present this function to my users in the most intuitive way possible.

How does it work:

A user can push another user. The pokee can respond by pushing back. A couple of users can keep clicking on each other for as long as they want.

Each poke has privacy settings. That is to say. a user can also click on someone anonymously. That is to say. Anonymous notifications are generated. Poke's privacy is not an arbitrary feature; It is based on comments and user behavior.

Also, once A has pushed B and B has returned A, I allow this pair of users to create a private chat room that has its own special features. This chat room persists in perpetuity. Users can continue to click on each other after it is created.


This is what the "Sit" user sees when the "Golgo13" user bites for the first time:

enter the description of the image here

And this is what the pokee sees when he responds with a blow of his own:

enter the description of the image here

If you press & # 39; yes & # 39; now, you will see:

enter the description of the image here

These two users can now enter a private chat room if they wish.

And also, if the user who was pushed for the last time continues the click interaction, he always has the option of redirecting to the private chat room already created:

enter the description of the image here


Forgive the roughness of the wires and the copy, it is not finished.

I'm struggling to make this flow more intuitive.

I feel that the confusion is sown because there are three things that are happening here. i) The push itself, ii) whether or not a private chat room has been created, iii) what level of privacy to establish.

In general, I am trying to use the snapping functionality in a tinder-like manner to create private chat rooms. However, it becomes conceptually complicated because I allow users to play perpetually afterwards. Also, I allow privacy settings in each poke.

How do I make this flow more intuitive / concise without a lot of commitment?