Usability: Is it a weird user experience adding parameters to a url just for internal tracking?

I have an internal request to add parameters to the URL like ?from=productPage&searchTerm=[term] so pages can be crawled for analysis. This strikes me as a strange smell, especially since the user cannot change them for a significant change. For example, changing the searchTerm the url does not change what is displayed on the page, it just tells our analysis that the user used that term to get to the current page.

I can also track these events in other ways by pressing the GTM dataLayer.

I found it odd to manipulate the URL just for tracking, when that can be done in other ways, particularly when this doesn't add value to the user, of course, other than that we can make analytics-based improvements.

I'm just wondering if anyone had an opinion on this or could point me to why it's okay to do it or why it might not be. Thank you