usability – Expand / collapse details

The hierarchy of sites is very important to inform users of the design relationships. The show details button for me is not very well connected with the additional detail it reveals. When I review your prototype, I have to click on this button very quickly to find out what was really changing because it moved the designs to accommodate the additional detail.

I would recommend keeping the button closer to the area where the content will change. Make the content change below the button, not up. As a user, I have already browsed and memorized this area, for you to modify it, it generates a bit of cognitive overload.

Depending on the execution, you are assigning the same weight (site hierarchy) to the details button as to the reports. I would say that the details are not a call to the primary action, as such, this must be presented differently to the user.

From what I see there is enough of this information as it is. Perhaps if you are doing this to reduce the cognitive load, allow the user to drill down on the data using tool information (unless it is going to be used on tablets or phones).

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