usability: best practices combine or separate similar dialog boxes, such as notes and calendar events

My question is perhaps subjective, so I apologize in advance, but this is a real dilemma I have.

I have a web-based client management program that allows users to add information about a client, including notes, set calendar events (tasks), create contact record entries, and create always visible sticky notes.

Now these records are incredibly similar: the notes have a title, body, created by, and created in fields. Sticky notes are created by ticking a "sticky notes" checkbox. Contact record entries are only notes that document communication with the customer, for example, & # 39; I called John to promote the new version v 2.0 ", and the tasks are notes with an alarm date, or maybe a start and end date, which can be adjusted in a calendar.

It would be easy to combine the four types in a single dialog with an option button or to toggle the matrix of buttons at the top, which allows the user to select a Note, Contact, Adhesive or Task. If I did this, I could have a button & # 39; super & # 39; that opens the dialog box, for example, "New note / task" that would allow the creation of any of the types. Alternatively, it could have four buttons, "New Note", "New Contact", "New Adhesive", "New Task" that would open the dialogue box with the correct radio preselected.

Or I could have four separate dialogues, each dedicated to its purpose.

Or some hybrids, such as Note, Sticky and Contact in one and a different dialog for Tasks, have a "super" new note button and a new task button.

I can argue the advantage of combining everything in a multifunctional dialog box in the sense that the user can change type, if you add a note about a meeting, then you can change it to a calendar task or a sticky note by editing the note.

Any thought appreciated!