url – SEO friendly best practice for putting id and title in different language

I know there are very similar questions like this, but I didn’t find the best answerer.
I have url like site.com/:id1/:id2/:id3
For having best result in SEO, someone told its better to put titles in url, and my titles are in different language.
These are suggested links:

  1. site.com/:id1/عنوان/:id2/عنوان/:id3/عنوان
  2. site.com/:id1-عنوان/:id2-عنوان/:id3-عنوان

or someone told instead of id, we can use enums, id1=>title1, id2=>titl2, …

  1. site.com/title1/عنوان/title2/عنوان/title3/عنوان

Which one is better solutions? or anyone has any other ideas ?