Why are you selling this site?
I do not want to sell them, but I need money urgently for my other project. So I have to sell them.

– Furbix.com
– Ultimate-hub.com
– www.whatsappstatusinhindi.com
– Nexen.online
– Bluelight.online

How is it monetized?
These are monetized with adsense.

Does this site come with any social media account?
Yes with FB, Instagram, fan page on Twitter.

How long does this site take to work?
These are one-time investment websites, it depends on the author of the websites, how much article you want to publish in a month and it is very easy to write an article for that website and the content is always imperishable, the traffic keeps growing as The content of the website continues to grow. In simple words it is a one-time investment website.

What challenges are there with the execution of this site?
Frankly speaking, everything depends on the content you write and the traffic you receive.

You can resell them to earn money.
I need money urgently, therefore, I am selling them below the price. You can sell them individually and you can earn good money.

What you are getting
– 5 website
– 5 top-level domain
– 3 website with 1 year of free hosting
– Support 24 * 7
– Logo and design for free.
[Three of them are getting quit good traffic.]