update: custom blocks that are not processed for anonymous users after upgrading to 8.6.3

I recently implemented an update to Drupal 8.6.3 from 8.6.2 on our Drupal-specific managed web host (Pantheon).

Unfortunately, after the update I noticed that the footer of our site was missing, but only for anonymous users. This footer is made up of custom blocks placed in a footer region.

The footer is only missing for anonymous users. When connected, the footer blocks appear correctly. I have tried to clear the cache, run cron, clear the cache memory again, etc. There are no errors in surveillance records that seem to be related to this problem.

I have tried several troubleshooting steps to solve the error. Here they are, in more or less the order in which I tried them:

  • I created new custom blocks (using the "basic block" type) in the footer region. For these new blocks, I left them to show the title. The content of the new custom blocks was not represented for anonymous users, but the title of the block was represented. To perform an additional test, I edited the existing custom blocks in the footer region to show the title. The title shown, but not the content. This tells me that Drupal is aware of the custom blocks in the region, but is not representing its content for anonymous users.

  • Then I added the integrated login block in the footer. This is represented correctly for the anonymous user. This tells me that the problem is limited to custom blocks

  • Then I added new custom blocks and existing custom blocks, with titles, to the content region. I wanted to refute the idea that there was a problem with the footer region. As before, the content was represented for registered users, but not for anonymous users. This tells me that the problem is in the content of the custom blocks for anonymous users, regardless of the region in which they are located.

At this point, I decided that the problem was probably not my particular configuration, and I did some Google searches to see if others had encountered this problem.

I found a number of problems related to the update from 8.3.x to 8.5.x, and certain update hooks are not running. We had been a little behind on the updates, and had upgraded from 8.5.6 to 8.6.2 about a month ago, and then to 8.6.3 the previous night. So I did not think this would apply to my situation, but I looked at their solutions and tried them if I could, anyway.

When I looked at the database, all my block content and revision statuses already had the value one. For the sake of the tests, I did the update anyway. There are still no blocks.

One commenter linked this from the first issue I looked at, so I checked. I did not think it would apply, since we had already been running 8.5.6 for a while without any problems with our blocks. I did not have these fields in my block_content_revision table, but when I added them, it did not solve the problem.

This seems to be related to schema update links for block revisions that have not been executed. To solve problems, I set my revision level block_content to 0 to trigger a new execution of all the update hooks. This did not solve the problem.

In the problem queues I looked at, the translation module was also discussed. We do not have that enabled on our site.

So my site has a major problem, and it's ruining my vacation: S Any help would be appreciated!