Unixy dedicated server, my terrible experience, after the server was blocked

I write this post so that the Unixy web hosting staff will pay attention to me, since I was left with my dedicated server inactive.

This is my terrible experience, I had a dedicated server for years with Unixy, suddenly I had a server that crashed on Saturday, I opened a tick and they respond immediately, then nothing happens for days! They left me abandoned in the dark, they did not answer my questions over the weekend and the server (payment over $ 300 / month) was still dead.

From Saturday to Monday nothing happened, I had my websites offline without any explanation.

Then they wrote me once on Tuesday, everything will be fixed and it will take some time.
After that, I politely asked him to tell me if they know how long it will take to fix everything: they did not respond until yesterday when they told me everything is fine and that the website will be back online soon.
After more than 24 hours, nothing is happening, I have my websites disconnected for 5 days, a website with thousands of visitors daily!

Of course, I do not know what really happens to my server, and I still hope to have everything back online soon, but the lack of communication with a loyal and long-standing customer left me really disappointed.

I hope to have more explanations soon here because they do not respond to my ticket and after 5 days I have no improvements in my server. that remains inaccessible.
This is unacceptable for a managed server.