unity – I can’t select my local package in Asset Store Tools

I made a local package and I’m trying to upload it to the AssetStore.
-My package is stored in the [root]/Packages folder.
-My Demo scene is stored in the [root]/Assets folder.

When I try to upload my package in the Asset Store Tools, I’ve an error if I select my sources in the Packages folder.
If i select my Demo scene folder instead, I have no error. But I don’t want to upload only my Demo scene.
If I check ‘include dependecies’ it only add a json manifest file.

The error message is : The path selected must be inside the currently active project.

All answers about this error on google didn’t helped me.
-Set the package as a Full project => I made a tool not a full project.
-The Project have to be in C: Hard drive => it is.
-The Project folder must have the package’s name => it is. My project folder’s name PropertyInterface as my asset.

I’m using Unity 2019.1.0f2.

It’s the first time i try to upload my work in the Asset store. I’m pretty confused.

Thanks for your help.