unity – 2D ARRAY QUIZ GAME: you need help to make the 2D matrix work.

Doing a question game with a 2D matrix, I want the game to become more difficult for every 5 questions (the set will have 10), the player gets well and, for the 5 questions, the player makes a mistake.

This is what I have so far (in terms of code): https: //github.com/NanaMarfo/Project

Only struggling with the part of 2D arrays at this time.

Error CS1929 & # 39; Questions[][]& # 39; does not contain a definition for & # 39; ToList & # 39; and the best overload of the extension method & # 39; Enumerable.ToList (IEnumerable) & # 39; requires a receiver of type & # 39; IEnumerable & # 39; is the error that I have at this time.

Please help!