United States sanctions Turkey's oil prices fell 3%, safe haven gold boosted the rebound, the dollar stopped falling, the pound fell

Dollar Currency Index:
Over the weekend, the dollar said the United States and China are "very close" to ending the trade war, driving the trend in early trade, followed by pressure on the 60-day moving average, and the Ministry British Finance proposed a warning of the Brexit budget report in the afternoon, causing the pound sterling. The United States fell by one hundred points, again pressing the US dollar to break the highest price of the day, and then the production of the euro industry was better than expected to drive the euro to rebound, which also caused the dollar to fall again. At night, the Queen of England said the UK's priority is to leave the EU on October 31. As a result, the US dollar fell below the new low and dragged the euro down. It also led to the rebound in the US dollar. It was still affected by the shock of the pound sterling. The US dollar was classified around the 60-day moving average and ended up rising.
MT4 of the daily level line chart, a shadow of the white candle station back to the 60-day moving average, Trump said the United States and China are very close to the end of the trade war rebound, the short moving average term is still in the downward direction, after the long and continuous black candle The candle represents a rebound, and the short selling head M was recently formed. The short term can reach the 5-day moving average 98.316 and the pressure will drop. Today, paying attention to the publication of economic data in the euro zone, the market will expect the euro to reduce interest rates this month, the euro can be recovered by buying. The manufacturing data of the United States continued to be affected by the trade war at night, and the dollar will have a great opportunity to sell and cause a correction. Today, Carney's speeches and Fed Bank of England officials can once again affect the volatility of the dollar.

Forex EUR / USD:
The exchange of currencies against the US dollar was fueled by talks between the United States and China yesterday. In the first operations, the United States and Europe showed an adjustment trend. Until the pressure of the resistance zone of the US dollar fell to a rebound in Europe and the United States in the afternoon, it was dragged by the pound in the afternoon, causing Europe and America to retreat. Supporting the 1,1000 mark, the industrial production of the euro led to profits breaking the highest price of the day; the expectation of the Queen of Brexit was completed on October 31 at night, and the pound fell below the lowest price of the day and dragged the euro down. The US dollar is in a shock consolidation trend, and the final decline is to close.
According to the MT4 line drawing, a small black candle of a spindle line oscillates between the maximum and minimum prices of the previous day. The short moving average is up or the average in the middle line. After 3 weeks of adjustment, the station back to the 1.1000 mark becomes an important support, and the KD indicator overheats. Before the resistance zone in September, Europe and the United States may be in a consolidation trend in the last two days. Today, pay attention to the economic data of the euro zone affected by the trade war. Poor data published in the afternoon may be negative for the euro. The US manufacturing index continued to be weak last month. If the dollar falls, it will push the euro to recover, paying attention to the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. The officials spoke and caused a great opportunity to cause a shock in Europe and the United States.

Forex Gold:
Currency gold was threatened by Turkey's geopolitical risk in Syria. In the first operations, hedge funds raised gold, and then there was a strong commotion before the 1490 mark. In the afternoon, the market was concerned that the United States would begin imposing trade tariffs on the EU, which caused a fall in European and American stock markets, so they pushed up. Gold broke the 1490 mark and finally reached $ 1,497. In the euro zone, industrial production was better than expected, which led to the rise of the stock market, and the selling pressure of gold fell. At night, the Queen's speech on the completion of Brexit on October 31, Once again, risk aversion funds were able to retain gold to maintain the 1490 mark, and then were in a trend of shock consolidation , and the final earnings were obtained.
According to the MT4 line chart, after adjusting the spindle of the spindle, it was blocked by European and US trade tariffs and gold increased. The 5-day moving average was blocked. Short-term moving averages were intertwined horizontally and gold may be biased. The short term is not 60. The moving average of 1495.3 can have significant support to sell back to 1480. Today, we are paying attention to the economic data of Europe and the United States. The stock market is pushing gold up, and the barriers of 1495 and 1500 cannot be broken. Gold may be in the resistance zone and the sale will fall. In China, the content of Trump's trade negotiations must be confirmed after the negotiation. If the market interprets the trade. The war has a chance to end, and the US stock market. UU. It will rise at night, which will cause the great opportunity to expand gold.

Forex GBP / USD
Forex GBP / USD was traded yesterday for the US dollar. I was in a tendency of slow movement in the early morning. It was only after the pressure of the resistance zone of the US dollar fell. He pushed the pound to bounce. In the afternoon, the British Ministry of Finance announced the budget report for Brexit, causing the pound to flow. The sale decreased by one hundred points, and then ranged around 1.2550. At night, the Queen's expectation for Brexit was completed on October 31, causing the pound to fall below the lowest price of the day, and then to the deputy governor of the Bank of England, Kan Lif: Personally Supporting Implementation of negative interest rates in the United Kingdom, the speculative purchase made the pound rise 130 points. Then, the resistance zone of the previous day showed that the sale price fell again below the 1.2600 mark. After the afternoon, there was a strong commotion, and the unexpected purchase in the late market led to a sharp increase. The final game keeps falling.
In the MT4 line chart, the long-shadow hatchback candlestick once again fell into the machine-shaped resistance line, and speculative purchase at night and late trade was still blocked by the closing price of the previous day. , and the short-term moving average showed an upward trend. In the short term, there are many overheats in the KD indicator. If today you cannot exceed the 240-day moving average, the great opportunity will be profitable. Last week, it was reported that Brexit caused an increase in the pound. In fact, Brexit has not yet been finalized. Today, it will be affected by the publication of economic data from the United Kingdom. If trade is affected by trade, the data is not good and the Bank of England Carney is difficult. Brexit adopted a lax monetary policy, which caused a great possibility that the pound seemed to be sold.

USD / JPY Forex:
USD / JPY forex rose one hundred points in the US stock market yesterday, and once rose to 108.50 yen in the morning. Subsequently, the market focused on the withdrawal of troops from northern Syria, which caused the fall of the US stock market. UU. It also caused the US UU. And Japan sold and sank, and worried about the US launch. UU. In the market in the afternoon. Under EU tariffs, European and American stock markets collapsed, and the US. UU. And Japan fell below the lowest price of the day. Then, the economic data of the euro zone boosted the stock market and the US. UU. And Japan At night, the US shares. UU. They were in a volatile upward trend, while the US UU. And Japan were speculating. When climbing, there was an upward trend and, at night, it could not precipitate the resistance level of the first operations, and the sale price was adjusted until the end.
According to the MT4 line chart, the long shadow plot oscillates between the highest and lowest points of the previous day, and the short moving average is up or the midline is flat. Recently, it reached the resistance zone of the box ranking in July, and the short-term KD indicator appeared in multiple directions. Overheating can cause the selling pressure to adjust again. Yesterday, the Chinese official said Trump is close to completing the trade war, and still prefers to be cautious and needs to negotiate again to confirm, therefore, US stocks will not be able to rush into the resistance zone last Friday, and the data Economic issues published by Europe and the United States may be affected by the trade war. In the stock market, once the stock market has seen a profitable sale, the market will once again cover the yen as a safe haven, which will once again cause the United States and Japan to fall.

Raw Currency:
Foreign currency crude oil opened yesterday in the resistance zone, sales fell, due to the number of US crude oil drilling. UU. Increased by 2 on Saturday, the Asian opening caused a downward pressure on sales of crude oil, the afternoon market worried that the EU tariffs of the US team. UU. Stock markets in Europe and America fell Oil prices fell below the $ 54 mark, and economic data from the euro zone once led the stock market to rise, but the purchasing power of the oil price was weak and only slightly increased; at night, Saudi officials said total capacity will be restored in November, which will cause oil prices to fall again and sell lower. After US $ 53, the Russian energy minister said it will maintain production cuts, which will cause the price of oil to recover. After midnight, you will be surprised at $ 53, and the final price will fall.
MT4 line chart, the shadow of the long shadow sail in the early resistance zone fell, the intraday scan fell below US $ 53 and finally recovered to the 5-day moving average, the 5-day moving average towards Above or the medium-term moving average remained low, in the first two weeks There is a final result below $ 52, and there may still be a short-term rebound. Today, we note that US stocks recovered after the positive news of yesterday, while OPEC and non-OPEC officials continued to give public speeches on production cuts, paying attention to the short-term correction of the stock market caused for today's data publication. If oil prices qualify for support, speculative funds can be pressed against speculative funds. The 5-day moving average of US $ 53.6 will be recovered, paying attention to the higher resistance price of the 20-day moving average of 54.9 and the 60-day moving average of 55.4. Last week, the US EIA inventory. UU. It increased but was lower than market expectations, while the increase in the volume of US crude oil drilling will benefit crude oil inventories on Wednesday morning in the United States. The increase in API stocks can be bad for oil prices.