unit tests – Grails 3.3.8: DataAccessResourceFailureException when trying to access any domain-specific raw operation

I am trying to write an integration test with Grails and I am running on the following error.


My test is quite simple. In the configuration, I create an instance of a domain object and then try to affirm that the count is correct for the domain.

import grails.test.mixin.integration.Integration
import spock.lang. *

import org.greenfield.Account

the AccountSpec class extends the specification {

empty configuration () {
account def = new account ()
account.username = "account"
account.email = "account@email.com"
account.password = "password"
//account.save(flush:true) // unable to save


cancel "correct account test number" () {
Account.count () == 1 // can not be read

I have the same exception for each .tell() Y .save()

Below is my data source configuration in application.yml

data source:
dbCreate: create-drop
url: jdbc: h2: mem: testDb; MVCC = TRUE; LOCK_TIMEOUT = 10000; DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT = FALSE

Any idea what might be causing this?