Uni Currency for Facebook Groups Marketplace / Online Store.

What is the single currency?
The single currency is the digital currency that can also be called as universal currency, and it is expected to become a future payment method in the Unigroup market / online stores in the Facebook group. This currency will have the value more than USD.

Benefit of obtaining Uni's currency

The single currency is a type of currency that will be used to exchange goods and services, buying products in our Unigroup market. All this will happen in the future as the value of the currency increases, at the moment in which any member with this currency will be able to buy sale products, invest in many sectors, etc. using that currency. This currency can or, if it obtains the value globally, it can also be used outside of Unigroup, it means that it can be used to trade, invest anywhere in the world as demand increases.
Like bitcoin, many people maintain, exchange, buy and sell products in the same way that we expect this coin to pass into the hands of so many people and become popular. As the Uni currency becomes more and more popular, eventually the value will increase. . At this time, many of our Unigroup members of Earn Money Online have this currency, so obviously, it has an increase in value.
This currency is how to centralize the currency with its own platform, global exchange system … buying and selling system in our online stores.

In summary: now that you have this currency, get it NOW, collect it for free and in the future you can use it to buy products that use this currency.
The value of the currency
The value of the currency is not yet determined, but everything depends on many factors, such as how many coins are in circulation, how many people are owned, how many people are willing to exempt it in exchange for goods, etc.
The value can go more than USD as we expect.

So now we are distributing Uni coins freely to all members, since they perform a simple task. Get as many Uni coins as possible, keep it until the value of the currency increases and in the future you can buy products from the Unigroup market using that currency.

There are many products available for sale at UNIGROUP MARKET PLACE / ONLINE STORE –

CLICK LINKS AND REVIEW: https://www.facebook.com/pg/UnigroupMarketplace/shop/

So get your currency now.

CLICK ON THE LINK TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE UNI CURRENCY – https://www.facebook.com/groups/20098332395…47160562673582/

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