unbricking – Vibe k5 stuck in boot animation (LineageOS 16.0 Hyper)

I am desperately looking for a solution for my beloved brick phone Vibe K5.
I just installed an unpleasant module on Magisk that I have in this state. Now I can't access TWRP recovery with any combination of vol + power keys, nor does my PC with ADB recognize the phone. I installed several USB drivers, tools, even FWUL in the virtual box.
This is what happens. With the phone off, connecting the USB cable puts it in charging mode and activates a sound alert in Windows. Try ADB then, no device was found.
When you turn on the phone while connecting the USB cable at the same time, it gets stuck in the boot animation. Adb or any other tool, no device found.
I just don't know what to do.
Since Windows can minimally recognize the device, I wonder if some magic with Linux could help me.