unbricking – LG K10 MT6753 boot partition removed

I have a small problem with my LG K10 K430. I was experimenting with it, to learn the adb function. Well, I stupidly delete the entire boot partition using rm and then … My phone no longer starts. It is showing the LG boot logo, but it is not starting, it keeps restarting. I tried to repair it through LG Bridge, to update the ROM of values ​​through LG UP and LG Flash Tool … but my phone does not stay in flash mode or in download mode, I can not start Fastboot. The only thing that apparently works is the factory reset mode, but it only shows the interface … just reboots the phone and nothing else. I tried to flash the boot image through SP Flash Tool but I have no luck, Windows detects the phone but only for 3 seconds, then disconnects. No matter what I do, when I connect the phone to my PC, it disconnects quickly, even with the controller application disabled. I tested LG drivers and some others for Mediatek, but I still have no luck.

Do any of you have any other way to recover the data from the home partition or unlock my phone?

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance.