Unable to start ubuntu 16.04 from USB

I have an asus N501 (BIOS mode is UEFI) and installed ubuntu 14.04 about 3 years ago. After reinstalling my window, I decided to install ubuntu 16.04 instead of repairing the boot of the previous version.

Anyway, after using rufus and making a bootable usb and trying to boot into ubuntu, the system stopped at the ubuntu logo and didn't go further, I checked the usb on new and old computers and ubuntu worked without problems, even I updated my BIOS since it was a 5-year version but nothing changed. I decided to verify ubuntu 18.04, ubuntu 14.04 and lubuntu 16 but they have the same problem (14.04 worked once but the result was not repeated) I downloaded and used an earlier version of rufus and surprisingly managed to boot into ubuntu 16.04 and installed it but after that time I could not start the version installed on the system and I also had the same problem when I tried to start from the USB drive. I have tried the process many times and nothing worked.

I also downloaded YUMI as an alternative to rufus (the UEFI version) but the USB was not even recognized in the boot menu) and used two other softwares that did not work properly.

Does anyone have a suggestion for my problem or can you recommend a good alternative for rufus or yumi?

Thank you 🙂