ubuntu – How to export microk8s ports to macOS host?

I want to setup a local Kubernetes cluster for testing on macOS. I selected microk8s provided by Canonical. Kubernetes doesn’t run native on macOS, but uses a Linux VM provided by multipass.

Installation was smooth and deployment of the kubernetes-bootcamp seemed to have worked. This is the output I got so far:

microk8s kubectl get services

NAME                  TYPE        CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)          AGE
kubernetes            ClusterIP     <none>        443/TCP          5h9m
kubernetes-bootcamp   NodePort   <none>        8080:31004/TCP   4h10m

multipass list

Name                    State             IPv4             Image
microk8s-vm             Running      Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Now when I shell into the VM using multipass exec microk8s-vm -- bash, I can curl into my deployed service as expected with both:

  • curl
  • curl

Getting the expected result of:

Hello Kubernetes bootcamp! | Running on: kubernetes-bootcamp-57978f5f5d-d977w | v=1

However I’m missing the step to access these url from macOS (both curl and a browser). I tried unsuccessfully:

  • curl
  • curl
  • curl
  • curl

I’m obviously missing a step to make the running services accessible from the macOS host. What did I miss? Help is very much appreciated!