Try to find and safe my Thunderbird profile folder after Windows 10 crashed with the help of Ubuntu desktop testversion usb stick

After a Windows 10 total system crash (while “Thunderbird” was open) I now try to safe with Ubuntu (usb stick test version) all personal data such as my Thunderbird profile … before I have to reinstall Windows 10 again. I didn’t create any backup of my Thunderbird profile.
Is there any chance to get access to my profile folder to safe it with the testversion of Ubuntu on the same computer while Thunderbird seems to be open in the background and where I can find the profile folder on the Ubuntu desktop?
I know the profile location under Windows C:UsersusernameAppDataRoamingThunderbirdProfiles ….but under Ubuntu searching for Users, AppData, Roaming, Thunderbird… results and I don’t know why.
Thanks for any help !