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TRX Flow

Project description

TRX Flow is a new type of Tron Crane based on Tron's Intelligent Contracts, which shares 90% of its revenue with users.

TRX Flow it is a project of redistribution of cryptocurrencies: the complete TRX hosted by users who buy level updates (less operating expenses) is redistributed among the users of the compiler. The algorithm is completely transparent: our development team made complex calculations to ensure that the system is self-sufficient in the long term.

Start date – April 7, 2019.


To work with the project, it is necessary to install the extension in chrome

On the home page, click
Sing with TRONLINK

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Where do I start?
Your level determines how much you earn every minute. When you join our tap for the first time, you are automatically assigned Level 1, where you earn TRX 2.16 every 3 hours. To get your TRX, just wait until the counter reaches 2.16 and click on "Claim TRX". Your TRX 2.16 will automatically be added to your balance. It's that easy!

When can I withdraw my TRX?
The minimum extraction size is set to 10 TRX.

How do the levels work?
On each new level, you earn much more TRX per minute. For example, in Level 2 you earn 2.5 times more than in Level 1. Each level has its own update price and duration of validity. For example, access to Level 3 costs TRX 500, and access is valid for 18 days and 6 hours, with TRX 0.084 coming out of the key every minute, which means you will earn TRX 2207 in 26280 minutes, a net gain of 1707 TRX!

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What is the maximum capacity?
The maximum capacity is the maximum TRX limit that you can receive from the key before you have to claim it and transfer it to your account. Think of it as a glass placed under the tap: if it gets too full, you can not drink more water or, in this case, TRX. You must track your accumulated TRX and claim it regularly.

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Most of the taps I've seen were full of ads, and yours do not. Why?
Most faucets are simply scams that claim to pay TRX users for viewing ads. In fact, making real money with them is almost impossible. TRX Flow is a cryptocurrency redistribution project: all TRXs deposited by users who purchase level upgrades (less operating expenses) are reassigned among faucet users. The algorithm is completely transparent: our development team has made complex calculations to ensure that the system is self-sustaining in the long term.

What happens if I want to update my level before my current level expires?
No problem, you can always go up one level (or several) and start earning more TRX every minute. You can calculate the surcharge that you will have to pay using the following formula: ("price of the new level" – ("price of the previous level /" period of validity of the previous level ") *" time used in the old rate ") * 0.9. example, if you have paid $ 100 for a valid subscription for 10 days, and 3 days after you decide to upgrade to a level that costs $ 200, you must pay: (200 – (100/10) * 3) * 0.9 = $ 153.

Reference program: 20% of all the ether that your references earn!
Payments: instantly
Payment systems: TRX

Contract code:…6afyLq3q6h6AtEj

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