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TRX Flow

Project description

TRX Flow is a new type of Tron Crane based on Tron's Intelligent Contracts, which shares 90% of its revenue with users.

TRX Flow it is a project of redistribution of cryptocurrencies: the complete TRX hosted by users who buy level updates (less operating expenses) is redistributed among the users of the compiler. The algorithm is completely transparent: our development team made complex calculations to ensure that the system is self-sufficient in the long term.

Start date – April 7, 2019.


To work with the project, it is necessary to install the extension in chrome

On the home page, click
Sing with TRONLINK

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<strong>Where do I start?</strong><br />Your level determines how much you earn every minute. When you join our tap for the first time, you are automatically assigned Level 1, where you earn TRX 2.16 every 3 hours. To get your TRX, just wait until the counter reaches 2.16 and click on "Claim TRX". Your TRX 2.16 will automatically be added to your balance. It's that easy!
<strong>When can I withdraw my TRX?</strong><br />The minimum extraction size is set to 10 TRX.
<strong>How do the levels work?</strong><br />On each new level, you earn much more TRX per minute. For example, in Level 2 you earn 2.5 times more than in Level 1. Each level has its own update price and duration of validity. For example, access to Level 3 costs TRX 500, and access is valid for 18 days and 6 hours, with TRX 0.084 coming out of the key every minute, which means you will earn TRX 2207 in 26280 minutes, a net gain of 1707 TRX!
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