transactions – Confused about UTXO management and consolidation

I have a few questions regarding utxo management and consolidation. I know that the more UTXO’s you have, the heavier your transaction will be, the more fees you’ll have to pay.

The things I don’t understand:

  1. How can you effectively avoid that? Let’s say I generate a new address every time I self-custody bitcoin, it won’t solve the problem, does it? When I’ll want to send either the max balance or let’s say a rather large amount that needs a lot of utxo’s to be complete, the full tx’s will be heavy no matter what, correct? So using the same address for cold storage (i.e just a receiving address) or using a new one every time doesn’t change a thing?
  2. If a wallet has coin control, does it really matter to do utxo management?
  3. Let’s say I have a single address with 100 UTXO associated to it. I want to consolidate everything. I first generate a new address on my wallet, test that address by sending a small amount (from an exchange let’s say). If everything seems correct, I can then use the send max feature of my wallet to that address (everything being under the same seed)? Even though it will effectively also send the utxo I just used for testing the validity of the address back to itself?

I think that’s all my questions, thanks.