Transactional emails: add-ons that give problems for any var {{}}

I may be looking for an annulment of an add-on to achieve what I'm looking for. For example, in the email template order_new.html there is this variable:

{{var order.getShippingDescription ()}}

The problem is that there is a complement that is causing it not to divide and only in a giant line. Is there an easy way to divide it by canceling the plug-in to split it or be more specific? I think he just pushes it in a giant line in the database or something. However, I have no idea where you put this data, so I wonder how this happens.

I tried to do this with another add-on, but I could not unblock the email template, but I was able to override it in the front of the store through the theme. It's a little confusing! He just ignored it completely, so I have the feeling that it's probably a database thing or an xml thing or something.

Is this checking the database when you extract it to process an email or something else? I feel like I'm losing something of its functionality.

Thank you!