Traffic service of visitors to specific websites of 1000 organic keywords

In this unique service you will get 1000 organic SunororSunlmy Keyword searchers Visiting your site

Or from the Any search engine You want!

Are you looking for more traffic on your site from your specific keywords? Want more sales, clicks, customers opt-ins, subscribers, buyers and profits? Are you tired of learning and doing SEO positioning and traffic building on your own? Do you want an easy and affordable way to get visitors to your site from the keywords you want?

Then you are in the right place! Because we just finished perfecting our Google Sniper keyword system and they are ready to launch it to the public! With our exclusive organic traffic system from the Google Keyword Sniper website we can send you real live traffic from the search engine to your Google site, or any search engine!

We can also target any specific or general keyword of any search engine or country and have it land in Your place of those SERP pages! If you want organic keyword traffic from or any Google search engine. We can even cut off organic traffic from Bing & Yahoo, AOL, Yandex, Lycos, Baidu and Yandex. In addition, with more selection and filtering options available, such as the ability to choose mobile or desktop users, even specify the browser as well.

Platform orientation options available

Geographical orientation of desktop
✔ Google Chrome users
✔ Microsoft Edge users
✔ Microsoft IE users
✔ Mozilla Firefox users
✔ Safari browser users
✔ Apple's browser users

Mobile geographic targeting
✔ Android device users
✔ iPhone device users
✔ iPad device users
✔ Windows tablet users
✔ BlackBerry users
✔ Amazon Kindle users

Imagine flooding real search engine users looking for your specific keywords in search engines and then visiting YOUR site from those keywords in a completely natural way!

That's exactly what you'll get when you buy our Website visitor traffic service oriented to organic keywords!

System features of Google Keyword Sniper

  • More than 1000 organic search engines keyword traffic
  • This is a unique service in its class!
  • Traffic drip fed for about 7 days
  • 100% of the real human traffic of the search engine
  • 100% secure Google Adsense
  • 100% All other secure advertisers
  • 100% All safe Google Animal Updates
  • Country or search engine oriented
  • Available geo-targeting options
  • Service high quality level 3X seller
  • Traffic processed and star within 6 hours.
  • Free tracking panel with
  • Sophisticated intelligent construction system.

All that for only $ 5!

Hey, you knew
There are some comments among SEO experts and gurus of how the CTR could be the biggest SEO factor of all. The fact that Google ranks the highest sites in the SERPs that are most clicked and not by the amount of backlinks they have or how good is their SEO on the page. That helps, but in fact there is a certain direct correlation in this statement, since it makes sense since Google wants to classify the best option, the most perfect for a search engine and a way to know where people would like to click, is showing People the site that receives the most clicks in the SERPs already!

Therefore, one way to make Google aware of your site is to make that happen by having people search for something to do with your site on Google or whatever and then click on it. Through continuous search and after visiting your site, this will improve the ranking of your site and make Google think that your site is the one that most people click. That means that by continuing to use this service, you can outperform your competitors and do better than them without having to lift a finger! Sit back and watch how visitors begin to search and enter YOUR site!

What you will get
More than 1000 organic search engine visitors by any keyword (s)
All visitors are drip-fed naturally for 7 days.
You will get around 150-200 unique organic visits per day.
We can send it all at once or distribute it to you!
More traffic for longer periods are available.

Frequently asked questions

What site is allowed / what is not?
We accept all and any type of site, except for anything illegal.
Your website should not use frame switches or exit pop-ups.
What do we need to start?
All we need is the URL of your website and a keyword or some keywords.
You can provide up to 10 different keywords per URL.
Is this Google Adsense traffic safe?
Yes 100% guaranteed. We are sending traffic to your site from Google itself (or any search engine). We only send you what Google would send if someone searched on Google, see and click on your site.
Are tools or bots used to generate / send traffic?
No robots were used, but tools were used to build what is a sophisticated system built intelligently. It is mainly a web based system. Obviously, I can not tell you how it works, since it is a trade secret, but if you can prove that we use a bot or proxies or anything else, I will return your money without asking any questions!
Where does the traffic come from what country?
By default, our traffic is worldwide from all major countries. However, we can go to specific countries or regions from America to Europe. Traffic from will be from America, from the United Kingdom, from France, etc. Just tell us which version of Google you want to make when placing the order.
Is there a money back guarantee or a refund policy?
Obviously, like anything you buy, your legal rights will not be affected. But if we do not send you all the traffic you bought, we will make a full refund with no questions! Your satisfaction is the main thing above anything else!

For more questions just send me a message!

Service prices

  1. 1000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 5
  2. 2500 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 9
  3. 5000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 15
  4. 10,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 25
  5. 20,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 40
  6. 25,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 50
  7. 50,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 75
  8. 100,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 99
  9. 200,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 149
  10. 250,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 249
  11. 500,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 399
  12. 1,000,000 Visitors to the Google search engine for $ 499

To order and pay

You can pay using my link
Simply replace the amount by the amount you wish to order.

Then, send me your URL and keywords and the platform you want to go to.
You can use up to 1 URL and 5 keywords for service 1-5.
Services 6-10 can use up to 3+ URLs and more than 15 keywords.
Larger orders can use more URL / keywords.

It is easy!

Your traffic will start in a few hours.