Tracking: it is possible to track a fraud that cheated money through IP addresses tracked by email

Get in touch with the police. First try your local police department. They should take a statement, provide you with a crime reference number and give you advice on how to handle things. They can decide the appropriate forensics and get a professional to do them. They also have access to records that you do not have. If the amount was high (in excess of the $ 10k value), you can also contact an agency dealing with financial crimes (for example, the FBI or Action Fraud UK).

Then you must contact your bank. Let them know that the funds transferred from your account were part of a scam. It is almost certain that they will not be able to recover the money, but by providing a police crime reference number, your fraud team can take steps to prevent this from happening to another person. It also potentially helps them build evidence against organized crime groups.

Do not try to make your own forensics. Anything you discover will be, in the best of cases, inadmissible due to the lack of a chain of custody, and may also contaminate other evidence. Also, do not try to contact the people involved anymore.

Ultimately, you should not have your hopes in recovering the money. Unfortunately, there is little that the police can do against international fraud once it happens. I recommend that you look for the configuration of the credit alerts to see if the scammers then sell your data or try to get credit in your name. If you have financial problems due to the amount taken, you can look for a support group for victims of fraud. They can provide you with a support network and point out local resources that can help you.