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According to the poster above. Are you sure there was not a conflict with your terms and conditions or the acceptable use policy?

They have a code of practice on their site that lists the step a client can take if they have a problem.

They have not indicated the termination of a violation of the terms and conditions or the abuse of the domains. They have issued notice as simple as that.

During the last 12 months, there have been almost daily problems in which your API to WHMCS or your website has generated errors, including SOAP errors or memory failures to the point that we were not able to reliably obtain the EPP codes for domain names.

Finally, they admitted a few weeks ago that the problem was because "they did not change the EPP code when the domain names are transferred to us, which means that other excessively long EPP code registrars do not fit into our system" However, that It did not solve the problem and we were still seeing errors when trying to get EPP codes.

The problems started more than 12 months ago, when batch renewal requests were sent to them, but we realized that the first pair would pass, the next few would generate a chain of different error messages and then the queue orders would not. they would generate any error at all. We informed them, but we really were not interested. We spent months dealing with the reaction of customers in which domain orders were not going through their system reliably.

We request a meeting with your directors to review the issues. In fact, we have requested a meeting with its directors every month during the last 12 months that they rejected.

We have sent correspondence to their directors to express our concerns about the reliability of the service, but again after 12 months, there has not been a single response from a director.

Your complaint policy indicates that we need to have a record of who is dealing with the support issues, and request that the matter be directed to a line manager. Every time we ask who is answering the tickets, they refused to give a name or escalate it to a manager.

The last straw came after raising failed transfers as a time-sensitive issue and, instead of dealing with them, they fell silent and did not respond to any support ticket in 10 days.

I called the offices of Total Web Solutions twice to be told "We are not Totalregistrations, they are a sister company", however, the company is Total Web Solutions, marketing as Totalregistrations. In both calls they hung up midway through the call.

Does that help explain why we want to know if other users of yours are experiencing the same faults, service standards and termination notices?