topics: print a taxonomy term and a D8 url views template

I am totally new to drupal 8. I have used d7 and now I am migrating.

I have set up a view with 4 items.

I've managed to print on a custom views theme

  1. My title
  2. Image url
 {% for row in content('#view').result %}

   {% set image_uri = row._entity.field_image.entity.uri.value %}

   {{ image_uri|image_style('blog_298x200') }}

   {{ content('#view').field('title').value(row) }} 

 {% endfor %}

My template file is called: block – views-block – main-article-block-miniatures-slider.html.twig

I would be very grateful for any advice to get what I need:

  1. The node URL
  2. The taxonomy (field_categorie) and its url
  3. Creation date

I have installed twak twig module to make things easier for me.