Topics: How can I print a referenced media extension?

I am working on the node template. In my content type, I have a media referenced field called & # 39; field_event & # 39 ;. I created a new type of medium called & # 39; document & # 39 ;. Inside the document is a file upload field called & # 39; field_document & # 39 ;.
I need to print the file name, size and extension, all separately in the table cells.
Example: Myfile | 80kb | pdf

This represents the file, the link and the name.


It gives me: mypdf.pdf 80.00 KB, this is the name of my pdf

This prints only the name


It gives me: this is the name of my pdf

How can I get the file extension? I have tried these


{{node.field_event | field_target_entity.field_mime_type.value}}

{{node.field_event | field_target_entity.field_mime_type.entity.filemime.value}}

I am using twig tweak 8.x-1.8