Tip for a good broadband provider with multiple data centers around the world?

I will be running a VPN service and I will need servers around the world as traffic increases. The key requirements for me are network performance, latency, bandwidth included and uptime. Storage does not really matter.

Softlayer: I have used Softlayer in the past and only tested its website (after a long time), I was surprised to see the prices of the entry-level server ($ 375 / m): O The sales person did not help me at all , too slow to answer and quoted me $ 235 / m without providing any specification, etc. Do I feel that IBM has done its magic and is no longer worth it?

100TB: The other company that interested me was 100tb. Their server specifications and prices are good, but they seem to have a lot of negative reviews. I tried to contact their sales several times today, but I could not get in touch. Are they even reliable? By the way, I remember reading somewhere that they use the Softlayer data centers, is that true?

OVH: Another one that seemed to have a reasonable price was OVH but your site is difficult to navigate, for example. When you change the region in the upper right (brand icon), change the available data centers. When you try to configure a dedicated server, there is really no option, ie bandwidth, operating system, IP addresses, etc. It says 500 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth, does that mean I can transfer to 500 Mbps 24×7 for a month?

Any recommendation? Ideally I need 50 TB of bandwidth, 1 or 2 Gbps of port, quad core, 16GB of RAM and data centers in the west, east, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia.