timestamp – Plausible way to alter time stamp on cctv recordings

I’m writing a screenplay (just a spec script – not for money (yet)). I need to write a scene realistically enough so it doesn’t seem stupid. A little jargon is useful. It may be impossible, but here’s what needs to happen.

Criminals need to edit out 47 seconds of cctv recording. The cctv footage is from a system (can be any system) that is in a small motel. They edit two sections – person walking in and later walking out of motel. The whole recording the police later seize is over 14 hours long. They need to edit out 47 seconds without it being completely obvious. There does need to be a flaw, but not easily discovered. The 14 hour tape looks fine to law enforcement – but it’s off. Any time stamp just needs to not match actual time.

The criminals would have had total access to the control room/motel system. They have total, unlimited access to admin privileges.

How could that plausibly be done? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks