Time for a negative review of PhoenixNAP for one time

Well, unfortunately, it's time for a negative review of PhoenixNAP that disappoints me, because for the past 3 years I've kept them as one of the best, if not the best, data centers. It's almost like this is a slap in the face to say something bad about them, so you should know that I am not making this negative criticism lightly.

As in the past, with a few odd times of experiencing an interruption, I would like to send a support email requesting credit. Then they transferred my ticket to my account representative who requested the credit without asking questions. With the last Monday's interruption, I did the same thing as at any other time, after experiencing almost 6 hours of downtime. They transferred the ticket to my account representative (which apparently is quite new). On Thursday he turned around, so I went ahead and pointed out that 3 days without an answer is unacceptable. Saturday comes, so I sent an email to the sales team to ask about the issue and I indicated the ticket and how I did not receive any response during the whole week from my account representative I expected at least the sales team I answered on Monday, but not even that … So this Monday afternoon, I went to the website and got the live support chat that transferred my chat to my account representative. I finally found it! And what do you do? Do not want to comply with 100% SLA guarantees, and I thought it was appropriate to ask if I lost a business due to the interruption and how at the time the interruption occurred is usually a slow time, so Who should not see much loss? Forgive me for my opinion on that, but none of that should matter when it comes to the 100% SLA … And the fact that it took him a week to locate him and finally get in touch with him is putting pressure on him. So, when I finish my signed contract of 36 months before and they come to collect the hundreds of dollars that I owe due to the early termination, can I use that same line? "Well, did you lose any business because of my early termination because you did not comply with your SLA?"

Here is a part of the transcript of today's chat session to show how unprofessional it was (a full week without an answer just to get this):

Account Representative: I'm watching is writing a message right now on the ticket. Is that family name at all?

Me: hmm, no, not at all

Account representative: I am checking to see if he is in the NOC. I have not heard the name before either.

Account representative: he is at support level NOC 1

Account Representative: You have just taken possession of the ticket.

Me: uh, weird

Account Representative: There is no argument here. I'm going to try to ping him now.

Account Representative: I just sent the RFO. I had not seen the verbiage they use (d). Did you experience more than 77 minutes of intermittent power interruption?

Account Representative: You have not told me that yet. Waiting.

Me: yes, it was down for about 5 hours and 40 minutes or so, give or take

Me: Oh yes, 5 hours, 36 minutes and 45 seconds to be exact

Account representative: I see that part of the problem with the ticket is that somehow a cross reference was made with another ticket for another person for a different reason.

Account Representative: I have not forgotten you. Normally, according to the SLA, we are 100% except for the programmed idle time.

Account Representative: Bruce got me the NOC chart, but for me it's more Greek. Did you lose business as a result? In comparison, it seems to be a period of slower use.

Account Representative: I can check with Mgt to see what they can do. I certainly do not want to step aside, but maybe some proration? I can not promise anything, but I can ask.

Account Representative: Let me review. I will not go too far.

Account Representative: is putting you on the list to address the credits at this time. I know they're going to review it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Now, again, the ticket that I can see for some reason will be the one, or the one I saw originally – Ticket # . The same two problems, but I think that is what was lost somewhere in the translation.

Me: oh ok, I think the one is an automated one of your internal ICMP ping monitor to notify the support team each time the service is interrupted

Account Representative: Very likely.

Account Representative: He has you on the list to work with. Once again, I will update both entries so you can see that, but I would not wait for an answer until tomorrow.