I am trying to request my ESTA, but every time I send the payment, I get an error that says "You suspect the charge is fraudulent, call your bank to determine the problem, alternatively, use a different debit or credit card".

I have contacted my bank and they have informed me that they can not see that any charge has been attempted, and they are not blocking any charges, so the problem should be the ESTA system. I have tried to pay with a total of 4 different cards now, and none works, I still receive the same error. This is obviously a problem with the ESTA website.

Has anyone else had this issue?? How do I proceed? I can not even call ESTA because I still do not have an & # 39; order number & # 39;. Does anyone have a contact phone number for them? I must apply for this visa today to be approved for my next visit this week!

Thank you