theme – When would the labels be removed from a template?

I have a custom module in Drupal 8 that is publishing an XML feed. The structure of each element in the template that makes the font look like this:

<[[CDATA[{{ node.title|raw }}]]>
<[[CDATA[{{ node.body }}]]>

When I look at the source, I see the CDATA box in the title, but I do not see it in the description, only in the body text content.

Somehow, the site is looking for fonts that use the word "description," and then removes the tags, at the twig template level.

All this is very confusing for me, since it worked correctly a week or two ago, and now CDATA has mysteriously disappeared from all sources.

Here has been my debugging process so far:
1. Activated the Twug Debug mode, saw that the correct template was loading, saw that there was no field level template that would override the description part. Also, in the mode of debugging twigs, the CDATA cabinet appears normally and disappears again when I deactivate the debug mode.
2. If you suddenly change the name of the description cabinet to "descriptiona", the CDATA cabinet appears normally.
3. I made sure to clear the cache after each test and change.
4. The breaking of the CDATA code eliminating the closure causes the rest of the characters in the CDATA cabinet to appear normally.
5. Adding

to the front and

to the back of the line in the power template makes the


They also disappear along with the CDATA parts, which shows that I'm seeing an effect of twig level strip labels of some kind.
6. I changed the theme of the site to see if a function of the subject was causing it, but I did not see any change in the sources.
7. I realized that not only the "description" tag is marked, but also "media: description". Other variants of the description seem not to be affected.
8. I tried to move the CDATA code of the template to the data where I built the node.body string, but regardless of the CATA part it was removed from the code in the output.
9. I put a second CDATA wrap around the first, this only resulted in an error.
10. I changed the data part, so I had the node.title output twice, in case it was a content error. Without another effect, the title is now displayed twice, once with CDATA in its own correct title encapsulation and an incorrect one without CDATA in the description box.

I'm a little on my wit ends with this. Any ideas on how or where Drupal would even be rewriting parts of a Twig Template? I have reviewed my custom modules again and again, and all I see is data manipulation. No template canceling that I can say. Definitely nothing is directed to the word "description".